Let’s blast off into space … 🚀 #GuidedReading

Read the information below and answer the questions. Remeber to leave your name …

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10 Responses to Let’s blast off into space … 🚀 #GuidedReading

  1. Daniel says:

    1. We ca ce t h e north sar.

  2. Gracie and kayden says:

    1.the sun is hot and earth rorates around the sun.
    2.nepttune and venus ,mars,Jupiter,Uranus,Saturn
    3.why is there no gravity in space

  3. Olivia says:

    #1 The sun is 1000 digrees away from earth!

    #2 There is mars,uranus ,earth,jupiter,neptune and i was going to say the sun but the sun is a big star!

    #3 Does your voice change in space?

  4. Mckenzie and Millie says:

    1. We live on eath
    2. They is gupiter
    3.why are some planets small and some big

  5. Sophia&Dylan says:

    1.space is everything that exists beyond planet earth,our home there are lots of strange out there.
    2. Uranus,neptune,mars,earth and the moon
    3.Dylans question:why is the sun a star and not a planet? Sophias question:how did the universe begin?

  6. Roxi and dinica says:

    1. There is ships zooming past the stars and there is space mans on the moon.
    2.Murcy visus eath and mars jupita saton urnes and neptchoon.
    3.is any aliens alive and where do you normley find a rocket blaster.

  7. Zofia and harley says:

    1. Our galaxy may contain 500 thousand milion stars.
    2. These are some of the planets Mercury Earth Venus Mars Neptune.
    3. How big is the sun?
    How far is Saturn from sun?
    How small is the moon?

  8. Ruby says:

    The sun is hot .

    Mars and jupiter.

    Is jupiter cold?

  9. Asa and Joel says:

    1. Ther is lots ov plantis

    1rher is lots ov planits

  10. 1.There is a plant called jupiter?
    2.In space you have no gravity?
    3.can the moon shrink?

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